Small World

Working with the microscopy department at The University of Adelaide, 'Small World' uses scanning electron microscope images of materials found in and around Adelaide to construct a visual interpretation of the region on a microscopic scale.

Collected materials included that of plant life, insects, pollen and rocks/minerals. 'Small World' reveals the hidden world of these samples in exquisite detail, far removed from their appearance to the naked human eye. Magnified over a million times their size and projected large scale onto the geometric facets of the Festival building, the work had a powerful visual impact.

The use of dynamic animation and sound portrays material surfaces as alien landscapes for exploration, in which the viewer is transported on a journey through the very fabric of our world.

'Small World' at Blinc/Adelaide Festival 2015 from Jessica Lloyd-Jones on Vimeo.

SMALL WORLD from Jessica Lloyd-Jones on Vimeo.