Nothing New” is a mixed media piece presented in film format. A 10 minute electro-acoustic composition constructed from improvisations carried out on a decomposing piano over a period of 18 months.  

Email correspondence with Annea Lockwood, June 2014:

"Playing surrounded by nettles looks hazardous! I take it this was a year's exposure? The various parts of the instrument, weathered, separated, towards the end look so beautiful, and interesting to me because as yet I haven't seen one of my Piano Garden instruments in that final stage - the English pianos were removed before they reached that state, and the Gwydyr piano still seems to be standing. Is yours still in that gallery, or....? I came to much prefer the sounds of radically detuned piano strings to equal temperament - you too? So rich! So it's been a pleasure, your video. Thanks so much for sending it to me."

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Nothing New was created as part of Sound and Music's Embedded programme, funded by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation with support from Arts Council England.