Produced as part of Power In The Land | Pwer Yn Y Tir with support from Arts Council Wales.  

Based around the idea of giving a voice to measurable radiation and attempting to control something unpredictable.  

Geiger counters with hacked/circuit bent circuitry.

Geiger counter #1 with embedded audio where Geiger sounds have been used to modulate a recording of "One Fine Day" recorded by Rosina Buckman, a famous Soprano who's spirit is believed to haunt Wylfa Nuclear Power station in Anglesey, North Wales.

Geiger counter #2 Circuitry has been altered so that clicks produce different pitches.

Geiger counter #3 Circuitry has been altered so that it plays audio recordings of the decontamination process at a nuclear power station.

Audio is controlled by automatically moving radioactive test sources in front of the counter's Geiger tubes.