A flagship Creative Europe project, the Follow the Vikings Roadshow was a unique celebration of the cultural and historic impact of the Vikings.  The touring show included specially commissioned performances by contemporary artists from all over Europe including actors, musicians, dancers and film makers to create a stunning visual celebration of European Viking heritage.

The roadshow was performed live at 11 significant Viking locations over a two-year programme, which began in August 2017, each show was unique.  The roadshow took place at:


Warsaw, Poland, Avaldsnes, Norway, Copenhagen, Denmark, Dublin, Ireland, Waterford, Ireland, Catoira, Spain, Gunnesgard, Sweden, Harstad, Norway, Shetland, UK, Reykjavik, Iceland, York, UK


I was originally commissioned to collaborate on the creation of a large projection mapped head of the Nordic god Odin for which I also produced the sound design.  I conducted visual content editing for each show in Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Icelandic, Galician. 
After the initial artistic commission I acted as the Touring technical manager for the show, traveling with it and liaising with the Audio visual teams in each country. 

The music in the following video is written by Mieko Shimizu.