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Making peace?...Or just making a mess.

After a period of destroying instruments throughout 2013 and 2014 it would seem I have now moved in to a period of creating them instead.   Perhaps this is my making peace with the gods of music or maybe it’s just an excuse to play with power tools again and make a mess.  Prior to the funding application I have already undergone a period of R&D where I have been working with hand crafting instruments and electronics.  

Here are some pictures of recent “prototypes” including a mechanical Pibgorn recently shown in Finland, an Udu made from hand dug/ hand refined Ruabon red brick terracotta clay and a wooden recorder and whistle lathed from Ash.  Also some awesome reclaimed organ pipes that are going to get re-commissioned in to a crazy contraption.  

In stark contrast this is the current state of the modular synth rig I have been building in to a Peli Case to control these instruments.  

The idea that I will be exploring with the help of the Arts council is to use analog sequencers and specifically the Intelijel Plog logic board to play/trigger the hand made acoustic instruments mechanically, reprocessing them through digital and analog effects.  Alongside this I am also planning on working with control from Pure Data and Supercollider as well as embedded algorithms on the Arduino micro controllers within the instruments themselves.